Workload Migration

Move virtual machines and their data to the cloud, without interrupting running applications.

The First and Only Migration Solution Certified VMware Ready

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Migration for VMware Workloads
JetStream Migrate is the most focused, simple solution for migration of VMware workloads.
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Purpose Built for VCPPs
True live migration with no disruption allows you to ease your enterprise customers' shift to their cloud services.
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Full compatibility with VMware Cloud on AWS, Azure, and Google
JetStream Migrate works with vSphere, vCenter Server, and NSX to support efficient, seamless data replication, for a smooth migration to the VMware Cloud on AWS.
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Purpose Built for VMWare Cloud Providers Partners

JetStream Migrate enables live migration to the cloud with the greatest ease and least disruption, proving to be essential in a cloud providers toolbox.


Faster onboarding allows you faster time to revenue and allows your customers to reap the benefits of the cloud sooner. 


Using the estimator tool allows you to envision what the migration is going to look like and be able to present that back to the customer. 


Storage agnostic allows you to take on more customers of different environments.

People are Talking About
JetStream Migrate

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"The JetStream tool doesn't look all that fancy on the surface, but the work under the covers is fantastic. Further, when talking to service providers about the value it provides, it's pretty clear that once they use this, there's no going back."

Jetstream Migrate Product Review
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"Honestly, for the ease of use, and compatibility with any production datastores within a vSphere environment, I wish that this tool had been an option when we performed a data center migration."

IT professional & Tech Field Day delegate
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“I’ve been running a beta version of the JetStream Migrate software to move VMs between data centers, and beyond the product’s robust capabilities, I’m amazed at the simplicity and ease of use."

Gary Lamb
CTO and Data Center Architect , Enterprise Networking Systems
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"Solutions such as JetStream Migrate enable IT teams to reduce cost, increase efficiency and create operational consistency across clouds."

IT professional & Tech Field Day delegate
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Live Migration and its Importance to VMware Cloud Partners

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JetStream Migrate 1.2 Data Sheet

Technical Overview

JetStream Migrate Product Technical Overview

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