JetStream DR for Azure VMware Solution (AVS)

Seamlessly and cost-effectively meet disaster recovery and business continuity needs for your native VMware workloads using the speed, scale, and high availability of Azure.

Cost-Optimized Disaster Recovery for AVS

The Azure VMware Solution, built by Microsoft and endorsed by VMware, makes it easier than ever to protect VMware environments in the cloud with the VMware technologies users know and trust. The speed, scale, and high availability of Microsoft Azure makes it ideal for disaster recovery and business continuity services. JetStream DR for AVS enables Microsoft Azure as a target for disaster recovery, combining the economics and scalability of Azure Blob Storage with the trusted platform of the Azure VMware Solution.

Continuous Data Protection for DR

  • Data is replicated to Azure continuously as it’s written locally

  • “Near-Zero” RPO (seconds, not hours)

  • No snapshots required


  • Based on VMware IO Filters – Certified VMware Ready

  • No agents required in VMs for data replication.

  • Supports all datastore types: VMFS, vSAN, VVOL, HCI, etc.


  • All data maintained in Azure Blob Storage until needed.

  • AVS resources provisioned on demand

  • Dynamically add resources to AVS clusters as needed

On-Demand Scalability

  • Store vast amounts of recovery data in scalable Azure Blob Storage

  • Dynamically provision recovery resources in AVS

  • Expand or shrink your recovery environment as your business needs change.

Simplicity and Flexibiltiy

Avoid agent software in the protected environment, seek lower costs through blob storage, and failover into the Azure VMware Solution with the assurance of the reliable, scalable Azure infrastructure.

IO Filters for High Performance, Continuous Data Protection

IO Filters capture and replicate data continuously as it’s written to storage locally. No snapshots are required, so in addition to near-zero RPO, on-premises application performance remains high. IO Filters are deployed and managed by vSphere through Storage Policy-Based Management (SPBM).

vCenter Integrated DR Management

DR administration and reporting through a management server plugin to vCenter. Define protection policies and runbooks, and select VMs for protection through the vSphere Web client GUI, RESTful APIs, or CLI. Monitor SLA compliance in real time, and trigger alerts for unexpected events or activity.

Scalable On-Premises Deployment

JetStream DR software components can scale out-linearly across a protected cluster to handle increased I/O as more VMs are added and protected. Replication logging is optimized to take advantage of high performance NVMe and NVMeoF storage resources.

VMware Ready Certified

Certified and supported by VMware, due to host-level integration through VMware vSphere APIs for IO Filtering (VAIO). Installation in the protected cluster through a VMware- signed VIB, supporting Secure Boot vSphere Hosts. Installed by vSphere across the protected cluster, IO Filters provide greater stability, compatibility and performance.

Reduce Data Loss

Near Zero RPO

Data is replicated to Azure continuously as it’s written locally for RPO of seconds


Fault Tolerant Replication

Data transfer is resilient to network interruptions, ensuring that VM protection can continue despite interference or disruption in the network connection to the recovery site.

Live Fail Back

Return VMs to protected site (once restored) without interruption to VM operation or protection.


Test anytime

Whenever you want and as often as you need to ensure your plan works. Failover and back without service disruption.

How it Works

JetStream DR for AVS provides a software foundation for real-time replication to a ready failover environment for immediate recovery and resumed operations. Should disaster strike, VMs can be instantly failed over from an on-premises data center to the AVS environment. For VMs already running in the AVS environment, they can be failed over to a different region if disaster strikes the primary AVS data center.

Use Cases

Expand Your Hybrid Cloud Options

  • DR as a Service
  • Cloud to Cloud DR

DRaaS: BC with Azure and Recovery to Protected Site

The enterprise customer has their own data centers, running VMware. They will subscribe to the DRaaS service so that their VMs can fail over into the AVS environment if a disaster strikes. To do this, they download and install the software in their own data center, and they set up both Azure Blob Storage account and a “pilot light” VMware cluster in AVS (including the JetStream DR software). 

DRaaS- Business Continuity with Azure and Recovery to Protected Site for Azure VMware Solution

Azure Cloud-to-Cloud Disaster Recovery

The enterprise customer has VMs running in an AVS data center, and uses JetStream DR to enable failover to a different AVS data center in case of a disaster in the primary AVS data center. To do this, they install the software in their primary AVS environment, and they set up Azure Blob Storage account and a “pilot light” VMware cluster in AVS (including the JetStream DR software). 

Azure Cloud to Cloud DR for Azure VMware Solution


Most frequent questions and answers

JetStream DR can protect environments running VMware vSphere 6.5 and 6.7. Within AVS, VMs currently run vSphere 6.7. Support for vSphere 7.0 is planned for 2021.

JetStream DR can protect VMs running on any VMware-compatible datastore type, including SAN, NAS, Virtual Volumes (VVOLs), Virtual SAN (vSAN) and third-party HCI platforms including Nutanix, Cisco HyperFlex, etc

When used with AVS, Azure Blob Storage is the logical choice for storing VMs and data.

Customers interested in protecting their environments with the new managed DR service solution should contact JetStream Software sales here

To use JetStream DR for AVS, you will need:

An Azure Blob Storage account (data is replicated from your protected VMs into Azure Blob Storage)

A “pilot light” vSphere cluster in AVS (VMs will fail over to this cluster in the event of an incident, and nodes can be added)

A secure, robust network connection between the protected VMware environment and Blob Storage (ExpressRoute or P2P VPN)


Always On, Always Efficient, Always Protected.

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