JetStream DR for

Azure VMware Solution

Seamlessly and cost-effectively meet disaster recovery and business continuity needs for your native VMware workloads using the speed, scale, and high availability of Azure.


Cost-Optimized Disaster Recovery for AVS

Combine the economics and scalability of Azure Blob Storage with the trusted platform of the Azure VMware Solution.

Continuous Data Protection

Alleviate the risk of data loss and ensure more rapid recovery with continuous data replication


Replicate and store all data in cost-effective Azure blob storage. For non-mission critical VMs no compute is required in the recovery site until the disaster event

Ease of Use

Available to download from the Azure Marketplace, installs in minutes, and configured for automated billing


The Complete Solution for Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

Avoid agent software in the protected environment, seek lower costs through blob storage, and failover into the Azure VMware Solution with the assurance of the reliable, scalable Azure infrastructure.

Near Zero RPO

Replicate all VM data in real time for continuous data protection, ensuring minimal data loss

Simple Installation

Easily downloaded from Microsoft Marketplace and installed as a standard VMware plug-in

Near Zero RTO

Recover and run VMs in minutes to ensure minimal downtime and continuous business operations

Live Failback

Returns VMs to the protected site from Azure VMware Solution without interruption to VMs’ operation or protection.

Non-Disruptive Testing

Test anytime as often as you need to ensure your DR plan works. Failover and failback without service disruption.

Scalable Demployment

JetStream DR software components can scale out-linearly across a protected cluster to handle increased I/O as more VMs are added and protected.


JetStream DR in Action

See how easy it is to get started, manage, and protect your data with JSDR for AVS. 

Getting Started
Configuration and Protecting VMs
Failover to AVS
Failback to On-Premises
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Getting Started
Configuration and Protecting VMs
Failover to AVS
Failback to On-Premises
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Most frequent questions and answers

JetStream DR can protect environments running VMware vSphere 6.5 and 6.7. Within AVS, VMs currently run vSphere 6.7. Support for vSphere 7.0 is planned for 2021.

JetStream DR can protect VMs running on any VMware-compatible datastore type, including SAN, NAS, Virtual Volumes (VVOLs), Virtual SAN (vSAN) and third-party HCI platforms including Nutanix, Cisco HyperFlex, etc

When used with AVS, Azure Blob Storage is the logical choice for storing VMs and data.

Customers interested in protecting their environments with the new managed DR service solution should contact JetStream Software sales here

To use JetStream DR for AVS, you will need:

An Azure Blob Storage account (data is replicated from your protected VMs into Azure Blob Storage)

A “pilot light” vSphere cluster in AVS (VMs will fail over to this cluster in the event of an incident, and nodes can be added)

A secure, robust network connection between the protected VMware environment and Blob Storage (ExpressRoute or P2P VPN)


Always On, Always Efficient, Always Protected.

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