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Move data completely, reliably and without interruption.​

A Highly Efficient Solution for Seamless, Live Migration​

JetStream Migrate is a lightweight application for live migration of virtual machines from any on-premises VMware environment to any VMware environment in the cloud. During data replication to the cloud, VMs continue to run without interruption, and all standard cluster functions (vMotion, etc.) are supported.

The software is deployed in the on-premises data center from a VIB, and its cluster-wide deployment is managed directly by vSphere. Once migration is complete, the software is seamlessly uninstalled by vSphere. The migration process is managed through the vCenter GUI, through a JetStream plug-in to the on-premises vCenter Server.


The key to an efficient, painless migration to the cloud is to move workload data completely, reliably and without interruption to applications while they’re running​.


Enable virtual machines to move from on-premises systems to cloud hosts with the ability to migrate data reliably over any distance. Data can be transported over a long-distance network connection as well as on a portable data transport device.


Move workload data to the cloud with minimal disruption to running applications, storage systems, and disaster recovery platforms.


Fully integrated with VMware vSphere through the vSphere APIs for IO Filtering (VAIO), it works seamlessly with any storage – VMFS, SAN, NFS and Virtual SAN are all fully supported.

Key Features Overview

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JetStream Migrate is the first data replication solution for cloud migration to run as an IO filter in the VMware vSphere hypervisor. This enables the software to integrate seamlessly with the on-premises VMware environment with no disruption to existing storage, backup or DR solutions. The software installs as a VIB and is managed through vCenter (Linked Mode). Standard vSphere functions (vMotion, DRS, etc.) are available while data replication is underway; and vSphere-native data encryption and compression, network bandwidth optimization are also supported

The administrator can throttle the replication rate to avoid impacting application performance on premises. Similarly, VM storage I/O can be controlled on-premises, to avoid overwhelming a slow replication network.


If data replication is interrupted (due to Network issues, host failure, or any other reason) it can resume replication from the point of interruption, rather than starting replication from the beginning.

A certified VMware Ready™ solution, JetStream Migrate is deployed in the VMware environment as an IO filter, integrated with vSphere through the VMware vSphere APIs for IO Filtering (VAIO).

JetStream Migrate can move VMs and their data from any VMware-supported storage: SAN, NAS, Virtual Volumes, Virtual SAN or other HCI.

JetStream Migrate runs in “observation mode” prior to migration, measuring network throughput and monitoring storage I/O, in order to accurately predict the time required for data replication for individual VMs or groups of VMs.

JetStream Migrate is the only solution for VM live migration that provides the option of copying data to a physical device for shipment, and sending only newly written data over the network.

VMs can be migrated individually, automatically migrating to the destination and starting up one after the other. Interdependent VMs may be migrated and started as a group, with administrative control of the change-over.

The GUI presents current and historical statistics visually, and data can be exported for reporting. The administrator can configure notifications for incidents such as interruptions or task completions.

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Workload Migration in 4 Easy Steps

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The administrator installs JetStream Migrate on the vSphere hosts at the on-premises data center. The installation is through a simple VIB and a vCenter plugin for the management server. Through the management server, the administrator can manage and orchestrate the migration process allowing for simple operation management.

Step 1: Install

Once the software is installed, the Migration Estimator runs in “observation mode” to collect statistics for the VM’s and determine the amount of data to be transferred, the actual network bandwidth available for the transfer, and the amount of data that will change during the transfer. It is designed to eliminate any migration uncertainty by allowing administrators to define the time required and the order in which the VMs will migrate.

Step 2: Estimate

Following a process very similar to the estimation step, the administrator selects the VMs for migration, chooses whether to migrate VMs independently or as a group, and initiates the migration task. The VMs continue to run in the on-premises environment as data is moved to the destination.

Step 3: Migrate

Once the virtual disks are fully replicated at the destination, the virtual machine migrates to the destination. The VM can start automatically, or the administrator can designate VMs for manual start, for example if they belong to a Migration Group.

Step 4: Launch
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