JetStream DR for Azure VMware Solution Tech Preview Program

Microsoft recently announced its collaboration with JetStream Software for disaster recovery with their Azure VMware Solution. While the combined solution is expected to be available to the broader public in early 2021, JetStream is working closely with Microsoft on a Tech Preview Program for a limited number of customers.

JetStream Software has worked worked extensively with Microsoft Azure to demonstrate continuous data protection (CDP) for on-premises VMware environments, using cost-effective Azure Blob Storage for replication with recovery into Microsoft Azure VMware Solution clusters.  The Tech Preview Program requires initial participation to be validated by the JetStream Software team, but once your participation is confirmed you will have access to the software through the Azure Marketplace.

There will be a limited number of participants in the Tech Preview Program. In order to make sure the Tech Preview Program will be the right fit for your requirements, please fill out the requested information in the form provided. If you are not interested in signing up for the Tech Preview Program but have questions regarding JetStream DR for Microsoft Azure VMware Solution, please specify that in the form.

In order to participate you must have:

  • A valid Azure account
  • Access to Azure Blob Storage

Learn more about the JetStream DR for Microsoft Azure VMware Solution by viewing this web page.

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