JetStream DR

Cloud-Native and Cost-Effective Continuous Data Protection for VMware Workloads.

Data Protection for All Mission Critical Workloads
Without the Cost

JetStream DR reduces the complexity of continuously protecting all data center applications while minimizing downtime, lowering operating costs and enabling a shift from CapEx to OpEx through an on-demand subscription model.

JetStream DR implements Continuous Data Protection (CDP) by constantly replicating data directly into cost-effective Azure Blob Storage and Azure NetApp Files (ANF) to scale independently from compute resources and not compromise performance.

Minimize Data Loss And Downtime

Continuous data replication for zero data loss and ensured business continuity.

Decrease TCO

Replicate data into cost effective cloud storage based on buisness SLA’s, with VM rehydration and recovery only when needed.

Eliminate Complexity and Increase Flexibility

Easy VIB installation, no snapshots or agents, easily configurable for multiple disaster recovery options.

Continuous Data Protection for Near Zero RPO

Real time, hypervisor-based replication for continuous data protection. JetStream DR doesn’t require snapshots, so in addition to providing near-zero RPO and instant RTO, application performance stays high.
  • Near-zero RPO: Replicate all VM data in real time for continuous data protection, ensuring minimal data loss.
  • Minimal RTO: Recover and run VMs in minutes to ensure minimal downtime and continuous business operations.
  • Fault-tolerant replication: Data transfer is resilient to network interruptions, ensuring that VM protection can continue despite interference or outages in the network connection to the recovery site.

Over 55% Greater Economical Efficiency

JetStream DR makes protecting all of your mission critical applications affordable
by using:

  • Cost optimized storage targets: Replicate and maintain VMs and their data to any S3-compatible object store.
  • On-demand rehydration: Rehydrate VMs and their data from object storage and deploy them into your runtime infrastructure only when needed for operational recovery. No additional compute needed during normal operations.
  • Dynamic provisioning: Provision recovery across different storage destinations including Azure Blob and Azure NetApp Files based on VM level recovery SLAs.
  • Subscription model: On-demand, monthly subscription model moves spend from CapEx to OpEx.

Data Capture with IO Filters (VAIO)
Eliminates Complexity

JetStream DR is integrated with VMware vSphere through vSphere API for IO filters so data intercept and replication run like a native function of VMware vSphere, making it highly compatible with any VMware environment.

No agent software is ever installed in the VMs, and VM data is continuously protected for any type of on-premises data store, eliminating a significant complexity when creating hybrid cloud environments. 

Easy Admin
Easy Administration

In your customer’s environment, host filter components are installed from a signed VIB. Protection parameters are administered through a vCenter plug-in and the vSphere Web GUI. Once the solution is configured, administrators can initiate VM protection by simply changing its SPBM storage policy to “protected.”


Rather than requiring agent software inside protected VMs, JetStream DR captures data through IO Filters within VMware vSphere, ensuring compatibility and security for all VMs. The IO filters are deployed, maintained and managed by vSphere, vCenter and vSphere SPBM.

H/W Independent
Hardware Independent

JetStream DR is employs an all-software, hypervisor-level replication technology that can protect VMs running in any type of on-premises infrastructure – SAN, NAS, vSAN, HCI, etc. Your recovery environment can run on any VMware-compatible infrastructure, regardless of your customers’ on-premises architecture.

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Under the Hood

Click features from the list to dive deeper into the technology that defines JetStream DR.

JetStream DR

JetStream DR

  1. JetStream DR is purpose-built to enable Service Providers to deliver DR and BC capabilities to customers’ on-premises environments. Unlike cloud backup solutions, JetStream DR provides Continuous Data Capture for near-synchronous data replication, and near-zero RPOs and RTOs.
IO Filter
  1. vSphere IO Filters are deployed to each VMware host for continuous data protection of each virtual machine and its data in the protected recovery group. JetStream DR precisely leverages the vSphere APIs for IO Filtering (VAIO) framework to deliver the highest level of application performance while protecting your resources.

IO Filter

Datastore Agnostic
  1. The IO Filter is datastore agnostic; All HCI, vSAN, vVol, etc. are supported. There is no dependency on Cloud DC.

Datastore Agnostic

All datastores are supported
including VSAN/HCI
are fully supported as well
Flash Optimized Replication Log
  1. JetStream DR uses a Flash-Optimized, Low Latency Replication Log deployed on a highly-available, non-volatile memory appliance to ensure the Cloud destination remains a nearly real-time replica of the source without any impact to applications being run on the source.

Low Latency
Replication Log

On-Demand Recovery
  1. Recovery clusters can be provisioned only when needed ("on demand")


Recovery clusters are
provisioned only as needed
Replication to Object Store
  1. Continuous VM replication to – and recovery from – any S3 compatible object store, including: AWS, S3, Azure Blob Storage, Cloudian, Minio, and others.

Replication to
Object Store

VMs and data are copied
to the object store during
normal operation
Crash-Consistent Data Pipe
  1. Crash-consistent data pipe for high-throughput, fault-tolerant DC-to-DC data replication.

Data Pipe

Continuous data replication &
object store garbage collection
JetStream DR
IO Filter
Datastore Agnostic
Flash Optimized Replication Log
On-Demand Recovery
Replication to Object Store
Crash-Consistent Data Pipe
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Food for Thought

Always On, Always Efficient, Always Protected

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