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Deploy a DR Virtual Appliance

The DR Virtual Appliance (DRVA) is a virtual appliance that facilitates key functions in the data replication process, including writing to the replication log store, formatting data for storage in the object store or Blob Storage, performing garbage collection, etc. A protected cluster must contain at least one DRVA, and one DRVA may be configured per host. Each DRVA is capable of managing multiple protected domains.

  • Select the Appliances tab then click the Deploy New DRVA button. A pop-up dialog box will appear to guide you through the deployment process.
  • On the first step, provide a name and description for the DRVA.
  • Specify the location for the DRVA including the specific datastore on which it will reside.
    (NOTE: The MSA will automatically upload the file drva.iso which will appear in a folder of the datastore.)
  • On the lower half of the screen, specify parameters for the DRVA. The recommended parameters are: 4 CPU cores and 8GB memory.
    (NOTE: These parameters can be changed later, if necessary.)
  • Make selections from the menus to specify the management network, internal data network, replication network, and the replication log store network. Selecting a Static IP checkbox and clicking its Configure button will open a dialog box to allow static IP address information to be entered.
    (NOTE: Refer to Pre-installation Guidelines to review required network specifications.)

  • Finally, review the summary of all DRVA settings then click the Deploy button.
  • The DRVA will be deployed and will appear in the list of DRVAs under the Appliances tab.

[Applies to all product versions.]

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