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Create a Replication Log Store Volume

After a DRVA has been deployed, create a replication log store volume to manage data being protected.

  1. With the DRVA selected, click the New Replication Log Volume button.
  1. In the pop-up dialog box, indicate the type of storage to be used for the replication log store. Select VMDK or iSCSI. Click the Configure button.

VMDK Replication Log Store

Enter information to configure a VMDK replication log store:

  1. Select VMDK.
  2. Specify a datacenter. Provide information about the VMDK replication log store. Be sure to use a flash or SSD- backed datastore for the replication log store.
  3. Click the Configure button when finished.

iSCSI Replication Log Store

A replication log store can be created on an iSCSI LUN attached directly to the DRVA VM:

  1. Select iSCSI.
  2. Enter the FQDN or IP address of the iSCSI Target system.
  3. Click the List LUNs button.
  4. Select the iSCSI LUN to be used from the list of results.
  5. Click the Configure button when finished.

⚠︎ IMPORTANT: Refer to VMware ESXi documentation for details about configuring an iSCSI target LUN. All hosts in the cluster and the DRVA VMs must have access to the configured iSCSI target LUN. Also, the iSCSI storage adapter must be defined on all hosts of the cluster and rescanned so that the iSCSI LUN appears in the list under the Devices tab, as shown below.

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