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Cloud Native Disaster Recovery

Cloud-native disaster recovery allows service providers to take advantage of the scalability, agility, and cost-efficiency of object storage with the performance of a true CDP software. Because of the nearly limitless capacity and economies of scale that object storage offers, service providers can deliver BCDR at scale and leverage any S3 compatible object store for:


A highly extensible solution that can support even the most data-intensive customer environments.


Support all types of customer compute and storage infrastructure with any infrastructure in the cloud


Securely leverage shared storage across multiple clients to maximize resource usage

Cost Efficiency

Rehydrate VMs from object storage and deploy them into your runtime infrastructure only when needed for recovery.

Why Partner With JetStream?

You need a partner that can help put you on the cutting edge of the expanding cloud era. The JetStream Software platform delivers new levels of simplicity, cost-effective migration, and data protection all in a cloud-native platform that will make you look great in front of your customers.

Built For Cloud First

From the start, our platform was designed for the cloud. The software used to date has been adopted from software that was used for on-premises.


Our cross-cloud platform allows you to easily fast-track your customers to the cloud, as well as provide additional revenue sources from DRaaS or other cloud services.

Vision for the Long Term

Innovation is in our DNA. We are committed to not only equip you to face the challenges of today but our roadmap is ready to help you address new opportunities in the future.

Strategic Value

We have created a software platform that makes data movement to and from the cloud extremely simple. This gives our partners the ability to innovate by creating new cloud-based solutions around JetStream Software.

Types of Partners

If you would like to learn more about working with us as a cloud or managed service provider, distributor, reseller, or system integrator, we would like to hear from you.

Service Providers
Competition in the service provider industry is increasing and intensifying, and there are fewer opportunities to acquire new customers. Introduce new and differentiated service offerings to tailor solutions to your customers budgets while increasing your team’s ability to onboard more customers, faster.
Generate incremental revenue and margin by giving your customers the ability to deploy cloud services built around our new JetStream products. Use your channels to generate revenue and gain market share.
Delivering cloud services takes more than just one vendor. From applications to management software; from networking to computing hardware, it is critical to deliver complete solutions to the end customer.

Partner Ecosystem


What our partners are saying about JetStream Software:

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“We have a robust disaster recovery-as-a-service (DraaS) practice and this will facilitate a broader capability to provide those services to our current and future customers adding capabilities traditional solutions can’t do without extensive cost and complexity"

Chad Hodges
VP of business development with SI and professional services company Enterprise Networking Solutions, Inc
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"I am particularly impressed that JetStream Software applies VMware’s IO Filter API for data replication because it removes the financial and technical penalties a cloud provider incurs when using legacy snapshot-based applications for backup and DR."

Yohay Azulay, CEO of OMC, a global cloud service provider
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