Cloud-Native Disaster Recovery

High performance disaster recovery combined with cost-effective, limitlessly scalable object storage

Object Storage Goes "Beyond Backup" for DRaaS

JetStream DR provides a software foundation for real-time replication to a ready failover environment for immediate recovery and resumed operations. JetStream DR takes object storage “beyond backup” to provide cloud-native continuous data protection (CDP) leveraging the scalable, cost-effective object storage. During normal operation, the only resource needed in the recovery site is the object storage platform, so recovery resources can be provisioned on demand.  JetStream DR takes object storage beyond backup to support continuous data protection (CDP) for business continuity (BC) and disaster recovery (DR) services.

Cloud-Native Benefits

Cloud-native disaster recovery allows service providers to take advantage of the scalability, agility, and cost-efficiency of object storage with the performance of a true CDP software. Because of the nearly limitless capacity and economies of scale that object storage offers, service providers can deliver BCDR at scale and leverage any S3 compatible object store for:


A highly extensible solution that can support even the most data-intensive customer environments.


Support all types of customer compute and storage infrastructure with any infrastructure in the cloud


Securely leverage shared storage across multiple clients to maximize resource usage

Cost Efficiency

Rehydrate VMs from object storage and deploy them into your runtime infrastructure only when needed for recovery.

Changing the Economics of DRaaS

Reduce overall IT and storage costs 60 – 80 %

Maintain customers’ data more efficiently and cost-effectively during both normal operations and in the event of a disaster. 

Object Storage as DR Target: Replication is not to a live VMware environment but to a cost-efficient object storage

Dynamic Protection: Customer’s data center and its systems can be protected dynamically rather than maintaining a parallel system footprint on similar infrastructure in our facilities

“On-demand” Rehydration: Necessary disaster recovery systems are activated only in the event of a declared disaster

partner spotlight

Service Provider ENS Reduces DR Infrastructure Costs 80%

“Compared to other DR/CDP solutions that we’ve deployed, the infrastructure costs of the JetStream-Cloudian DR service will be 60% to 80% less, which means we can deliver an enterprise-grade DR service to our customers that’s more economical for them to consume and more profitable for us. It really is a win-win.”

– Paul Smitham, President, Enterprise Networking Systems

Flexible Use Cases

JetStream DR delivers cloud disaster recovery software that addresses a broad range of deployment use cases, including both on-premises, hybrid cloud, and public cloud options. This enables the Service Provider to deliver a DR solution that matches the needs of individual customers, all with the same easy installation and operation.

Always On, Always Efficient, Always Protected.

Take Your Cloud Strategy To A Higher Altitude.