3 Tips To Stay on Santa’s “Nice List” for Cloud Migration

“He’s making a list, checking it twice…” You don’t want to find a lump of coal in your stocking, do you? If you are responsible for safely moving VMs to the cloud, or across data centers within your operational infrastructure, here’s how to stay off the Naughty List: 1. Don’t be Disruptive Moving data takes […]

JetStream Migrate Now Available

  Since we announced JetStream Migrate in April, we’ve been helping cloud service providers manage live migrations of their customers’ workloads from on-premises VMware environments to VMware in the cloud. Through our close collaboration with our cloud service provider partners, we’ve learned a lot about their needs, and we’ve incorporated a great deal of their […]

What is host-based data tiering?

Since the introduction of enterprise flash devices about a decade ago, enterprise storage has seen remarkable advances in performance. In the early days, when solid-state devices were expensive and their capacity was relatively limited, enterprise flash was used as a performance tier in high-end storage systems, comprising just a small percentage of overall system capacity. […]

Moving Data for a Live Migration to VMware Cloud on AWS?

  When we first announced our JetStream Migrate solution last month, people asked “Can I use the software for live migration of on-premises workloads to VMware Cloud on AWS?”   The Answer: Yes, You Can! Today, we announced that our partnership with VMware has grown to include support for VMware Cloud on AWS. Working with […]

Live Migration And Why It’s Important For VMware Cloud Partners

When moving VMware virtual machines to the cloud, the sure-fire way to migrate the VMs and their data completely is to simply stop the VMs, copy their components (OVF files) and assemble them into an Open Virtual Appliance (OVA).The problem, of course, in the scenario described, is the VMs and their applications are offline while they’re being moved to their new home in the cloud. For some types of applications, that downtime may be perfectly acceptable. The alternative is ‘Live Migration’…

ESXi 6.7 & IO Filters

Today, as ESXi 6.7 is announced, we are pleased to be the first (and so far, only) vendor listed on the VMware Compatibility Guide with support for VAIO on ESXi 6.7. JetStream Accelerate delivers greater efficiency to the data center, by reducing storage IO constraints on application performance and VM density.