Learn more about JetStream Software

JetStream Software was founded in 2016.

The company’s management team and software engineering team have worked together for years, starting at FlashSoft Software, which was acquired by SanDisk in 2012. At SanDisk, the team brought leading products to market and worked with VMware as a key design partner.

Join our world-class team

First, the basics: Before you tell JetStream Software that you are right for us, ask yourself if we are right for you. JetStream Software employs very smart people who work very hard. If working extremely hard is not for you, we wish you well.

JetStream Software is a results-oriented organization. It's also fun, collegial, and respectful. It's a work environment full of challenges to overcome and opportunities to show what you can do.

Our needs are highly technical and quite specialized. But we're more interested in what you can do for us in the future than what you did for someone else in the past.

We follow the principles of a "lean startup." That doesn't mean we're cheap. If you haven't heard about the "lean startup" concept, this is a good place to start.


JetStream Software Advantages:

  • Dynamic, collegial work environment.
  • Responsibility, respect and recognition for good work.
  • Startup culture, with a focus on trust, cooperation and shared vision.
  • Ping-pong ability helpful, but not required.