About JetStream Software

We founded JetStream Software in 2016 to realize a vision of cloud computing with greater agility, resilience, efficiency and performance. Our team collaborates with leading technology developers and cloud service providers to deliver new solutions that precisely address the requirements of a true cloud-native infrastructure.

With a commitment to our partners’ and customers’ success, we design software specifically for cross-cloud operations, providing solutions for workload migration, performance optimization and performant resilience across a multi-cloud infrastructure.

The JetStream Software leadership team previously founded FlashSoft Software, which was acquired by SanDisk in 2012. Partnering with technology leaders, we delivered innovations in hypervisor performance optimization, application acceleration, and storage efficiency, with deployments across thousands of data centers worldwide.

We have offices in San Jose, California and Bangalore, India. Our technology team members have experience in companies including Veritas, VMware, Oracle, Fusion-io, EMC, NetApp, Sun, and IBM.

Our technology partners are recognized leaders in cloud computing, and our customers include Fortune 500 enterprises and leading cloud service providers.