Today at VMworld 2020, Microsoft discussed their recent GA Announcement  for the New Azure VMware Solution. This announcement, by Erik Lockard, Corporate Vice President Azure Dedicated, outlines a wide array of capabilities and features for the new Azure VMware Solution (AVS), one of which is the use of AVS for data protection.

We are very proud to be named as a key strategic Microsoft partner for disaster recovery based on AVS. We have worked extensively with the AVS team to demonstrate how JetStream DR can enable a means of Continuous Data Protection (CDP) for on-premises VMware environments, with cost-effective data storage in Azure Blob Storage and recovery into AVS.


The challenge for enterprise data protection has always been the trade-off between cost and performance. Nightly snapshots saved to the cloud are nice, but leave hours of data exposed in the event of an incident, and snapshot-based backups can take days to recover. Continuous replication of data to a dedicated recovery environment can alleviate the risk of substantial data loss and ensure more rapid recovery, but the costs of such approaches can force organizations to make difficult decisions about which workloads truly deserve such robust yet costly protection.

JetStream Software has pioneered a solution that bridges the gap between cost-efficiency and quality of service for disaster recovery and business continuity. By replicating data continuously and directly into Azure Blob Storage, JetStream DR enables continuous data protection (for a near-zero RPO) at a lower cost than other solutions. Recovery resources can be provisioned in AVS as needed, with the protected VMs and their data rehydrated from Azure Blob Storage.


This approach is fundamentally Azure-centric. Partnering with Microsoft Azure enables us to provide a robust and cost-effective solution for disaster recovery and business continuity. It’s an ideal combination: the JetStream DR software brings continuous data protection to enterprise VMware environments, Azure Blob Storage provides a cost-effective means of maintaining recovery assets, and the Azure VMware Solution provides a highly available, reliable VMware platform that can scale to meet customers’ recovery and failover requirements.


We are excited by Microsoft’s announcement of the general availability of the new Azure VMware Solution, and we are proud to be a part of such customer focused innovation. We look forward to working with VMware customers to show how they can use JetStream DR for AVS to achieve a higher level of business continuity at an affordable cost. We invite you to learn more by contacting us.


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