“He’s making a list, checking it twice…”

You don’t want to find a lump of coal in your stocking, do you? If you are responsible for safely moving VMs to the cloud, or across data centers within your operational infrastructure, here’s how to stay off the Naughty List:

1. Don’t be Disruptive

Moving data takes time. When you’re moving business-critical systems, you can’t take them offline for the duration of the data migration. You’re going to have to keep the VMs and their applications up and running while their data is in transit. Also, you’re going to want to migrate interdependent applications together. You’ll have a blue, blue Christmas if your front-end Web server is running in a data center thousands of miles away from its back-end database.

2. Be Predictable

Even though it’s the holiday season, the fundamental rule here is that the best surprise is no surprise. Nobody likes uncertainty, especially when they’re making a substantial change to the way they operate. You want to be able to tell your customers and colleagues how the cloud migration project will proceed, how long it’s expected to take, and you want to be able to monitor the status of the migration project so that you can provide updates if anything changes.

3. Be Nice To Others

Really. The holidays are tough enough as it is. Let’s try to be nice to each other. In the world of cloud migration, that means more than just keeping applications running while their data is transferred. It also means maintaining performance and availability SLAs. What’s more, it means being a good citizen within the source data center. Let’s not install software inside our customers’ VMs. Let’s use software within vSphere itself which has been certified by VMware.

If you’re responsible for moving VMs to the cloud, or even across data centers, you get what you really want this year – no emergency alerts, no stress, no angry customers. Just pour yourself a nice warm cup of cocoa, put your feet up by the fire, and wait for those eight tiny reindeer.

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