New Version of JetStream Accelerate Now Available

JetStream Accelerate for VMware vSphere is our company’s workhorse. It’s our team’s pioneering solution for storage IO acceleration, initially developed through our engineering team’s collaboration with VMware as the design partner for the VMware vSphere APIs for IO Filtering (VAIO). We continue to improve and update the product. When VMware announced the vSphere 6.7 GA, we were proud to be the leading IO Filter partner with full support for the release. Now, with the release of JetStream Accelerate 4.5 for VMware vSphere, we continue our commitment to innovation with IO Filters.

New: Support for Oracle RAC

The most notable new feature in JetStream Accelerate is that it can now run in “Cluster Mode.” This doesn’t refer to a VMware cluster, but rather an application cluster, in which a single virtual disk is shared by two VMs (a multi-writer configuration). The two VMs need to communicate and co-operate with each other so that they don’t corrupt each other’s data. Host-based IO acceleration was not previously supported for shared disk (multi-writer) configurations. With JetStream Accelerate 4.5, application-level clustering is now supported, specifically for Oracle RAC.

Here’s how it works: JetStream Accelerate uses IO Filters to place data on host-based SSDs for IO acceleration on the “north-south” storage data path. In Cluster Mode the software maintains coherence between IO Filters on the “east-west” data path of the application cluster. In our testing, the performance benefits of JetStream Accelerate were roughly equivalent in Oracle RAC and standalone Oracle environments.

Why This Matters

Optimizing storage IO is critical to ensuring continued high performance for Oracle workloads. For years we have seen VMware IO Filters greatly reduce IO latency for stand-alone Oracle workloads, using host-based non-volatile memory. Now Oracle RAC clusters can be supported with IO Filters as well, with data coherence across clustered IO Filters.

In addition to the application performance benefits of host-based IO acceleration, the economic advantages of serving IO requests from non-volatile memory in the vSphere host can be huge, especially for demanding workloads like Oracle databases and applications. JetStream Accelerate maximizes the value of an organization’s investment in its storage infrastructure, without “forklift” scale changes.

Cloudier than Ever

While support for application clusters is the main attraction, there have been a lot of enhancements for increased usability, especially for large-scale cloud deployments. As JetStream Accelerate has been increasingly adopted by private and public cloud service providers, the scale of a typical deployment has grown dramatically, introducing new requirements for management at scale. The new release addresses many of these requirements. And as always, JetStream Accelerate is certified VMware Ready.

Ready to Learn More?

Our goal has been to make JetStream Accelerate the most powerful solution for storage IO acceleration through host-based non-volatile memory.

Contact us to get a deeper dive in the product with technical materials, demonstration videos, or even a proof-of-concept demonstration. And if you’re coming to VMworld, be sure to stop by and see us in the New Innovators Pavilion!