I am very excited that we are officially launching JetStream Software. Today we are also announcing a number of important partnerships.  At JetStream Software we know that partnerships are critical for customers to realize the vision of a multi-cloud world.

Technology Partners

We are continuing the strategic partnership that our team established with VMware that dates back to our work together years ago. And just as we continue that technology partnership, we are also continuing technical relationships with AWS, Microsoft, Red Hat, and Cisco, for continued validation of our solutions on those platforms.

Channel Partners

In addition to technology partnerships, we have business relationships with a number of reseller partners, and now that we’ve unveiled our business operation, that number is sure to grow. With customer deployments around the world, we are rapidly developing a global network of reseller relationships.

Cloud Partners

Lastly, we’ve benefitted immensely from a number of cloud service providers that we’ve worked with over the years. As customers, they identified the value of our solutions in many different use cases. As partners, they’ve identified precise requirements and the opportunities for us to provide new, unique innovations specifically for the cloud service provider.

If you would like to learn more about working with us as a technology partner, distributor, re-seller, system integrator or cloud service provider we would like to hear from you.

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