We’re excited to be publicly launching JetStream Software today, and introducing the first two products in the JetStream Cross-Cloud Platform. There’s a lot of new product information but in our first blog post as JetStream Software, we felt it was important to introduce ourselves and describe our vision of the company focused on cloud-first solutions.

Where we came from

While our company may be new, our team has worked together since 2010. Our founding team previously built FlashSoft Software, which was acquired by SanDisk in 2012. SanDisk has since been acquired by Western Digital Corporation, who remain a strategic partner to our company.

With the technology foundation, the engineering team and the strategic partnerships we developed over the years, we are now focused on building solutions to the challenges of managing data across the cloud.

Where we are now

Today, we are actively developing and delivering “cloud-first” solutions for the enterprise. We have a laser-focus on the challenges of data management in the multi-cloud, cross-cloud world, and we have deep customer and partner engagements with some of the most forward-thinking cloud solutions providers in the business.

Our team is located in the United States and in India, and we are growing. The work is challenging, but we’re fortunate that we are the kind of software development organization that loves a good challenge.

Our vision is of a world in which enterprises take full advantage of the cloud – a world in which the “I” in “enterprise IT” means “information” rather than just “infrastructure.”

– President, Rich Petersen

Where we are going

Our vision is of a world in which enterprises take full advantage of the cloud – a world in which the “I” in “enterprise IT” means “information” rather than just “infrastructure.” Today most organizations are well under way on that journey, whether through public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid operations. But there are still challenges to overcome.

To meet these challenges, we will continue to collaborate closely with cloud service providers, to enable them to serve enterprise customers with a level of performance, availability, agility and reliability that on-premises IT operations achieved in the software-defined data center.

We also partner closely with leading IT vendors, whose systems, software and services are increasingly cloud-centered. Through these partnerships, we can contribute to more complete enterprise solutions for cloud performance, reliability and agility from the industry’s most trusted vendors.

Learn More about JetStream Software’s Cloud First Solution for Live Migration

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