The Future of Data Protection, Today.​

Hybrid cloud workload protection, mobility, and performance. 

Next Generation Cloud Data Protection

JetStream Software develops cloud-native software to enable cloud service providers to have the ability to deliver disaster recovery and mobility services. JetStream solutions are all-software, hypervisor-integrated designed to empower infrastructure spanning multiple data centers and cloud services. Applications enjoy cloud-scale elasticity, a high level of data protection, and can migrate seamlessly, all with the highest level of performance, availability and resilience.

JetStream DR

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

JetStream DR enables enterprise-grade disaster recovery, business continuity and continuous data protection as a cloud-based service. The solution is designed specifically to empower cloud service providers to efficiently deliver data protection services to enterprise customers.

JetStream Migrate

Live Migration

JetStream Migrate addresses one of the most important barriers to cloud adoption, the difficulty, uncertainty and disruption of cloud migration. The unique design of the JetStream Migrate software gives a number of advantages for organizations that require efficient cloud migration with no interruption to runtime operations.

Recognized Innovation & Industry Certifications

Startup Big50 2018, 2019 and 2020

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JetStream Software is VMware Ready Certified compatible

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Silver winner in Storage magazine and SearchStorage’s 2018 Products of the Year storage management tools category

The 10 Hottest Storage Startups Of 2020

The JetStream Advantage

At JetStream Software, we do things differently. These are some of the features that make us stand out.

Every VM. Any Infrastructure.

Software Integrated through VMware APIs so it is VMware Ready certified and compatible with any on-prem environment.

Asynchronous Data Replication

Continuous Data Protection and high performance replication provide near-zero RPOs and near-zero RTOs.

Convenient Deployment and
Easy Administration.

Native vSphere Deployment, vCenter integration, and VMware storage policy based management (SPBM).

Object Store Support​

Data replication to scalable cost-efficient object store through standard S3 interfaces or Azure Blob Storage.


Always On, Always Efficient, Always Protected.

Take Your Cloud Strategy To A Higher Altitude.