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JetStream Migrate is a highly efficient software solution for seamless live migration of enterprise virtual machines and their workloads from on-premises data centers to the cloud. The software is designed specifically for enterprise environments running VMware vSphere and can support migration to any VMware Service Provider Partner data center.


The key to an efficient, painless migration to the cloud is to move workload data completely, reliably and without interruption to applications while they’re running.



Enable virtual machines to move from on-premises systems to cloud hosts with the ability to migrate of data reliably over any distance. Data can be transported over a long-distance network connection as well as on a portable data transport device.



Fully integrated with VMware vSphere through the vSphere APIs for IO Filtering (VAIO), it works seamlessly with any storage – VMFS, NFS and Virtual SAN are all fully supported.


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Move workload data to the cloud with minimal disruption to running applications, storage systems, and disaster recovery platforms.

Key Features

  • Live migration supported even when data is replicated on a data transport device
  • Live migration without snapshots, for better application performance
  • Fault tolerant – if interrupted, data replication continues from point of interruption
  • Migration prediction – forecasts time required, optimal data transport method
  • Support for migration groups, so interdependent VMs migrate together
  • Simple, lightweight deployment and management

Unique Design

JetStream Migrate is the first data replication solution for cloud migration to run as an IO filter in the VMware vSphere hypervisor. This enables the software to integrate seamlessly with the on-premises VMware environment with no disruption to existing storage, backup or DR solutions. The software installs as a VIB and is managed through vCenter (Linked Mode). Standard vSphere functions (vMotion, DRS, etc.) are available while data replication is under way; and vSphere-native data encryption and compression, network bandwidth optimization are also supported.

“When you can remove the friction of VM migration from the customer onboarding process, you’ve given a massive boost to a cloud provider’s bottom line”

-Gary Lamb
CTO and Data Architect, AxisFlow

JetStream Migrate Product Architecture

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JetStream Migrate Product Architecture

Mouse over each of the four components below for a more detailed description.


Management Server

The Management Server virtual appliance is a vCenter plugin that is used to manage and orchestrate migration. Regardless if data will migrate over a network or via physical media, the administrator manages all migration processes through a GUI connected to the Management Server.



Migration Estimator

The Migration Estimator is a utility that helps administrators predict the time and network bandwidth required to move an application’s data to the cloud. It not only takes into account the amount of data to be transferred, but the actual network bandwidth available for the transfer and the amount of data that will change during the transfer, requiring additional “foreground” data transfer.


Data Replicator

The Data Replicator is responsible for moving data to its destination with minimal disruption to the application as it continues to operate on-premises. The Data Replicator is integrated with vSphere through an IO Filter, based on the VAIO API. It combines two replication processes (foreground and background) to copy data to the destination while the VM and its applications continue to run uninterrupted.


Data Transporter

The Data Transporter moves data to its destination via a physical device. If the amount of data for migration is exceedingly large, moving it over a network may be impractical, if not impossible -- transferring it using a physical device might be the only feasible option. Even when the Data Transporter is used to move data, the VM and its applications continue to run uninterrupted at the source.

How it Works

How it Works

Migration Estimator
Prior to data replication, the migration network bandwidth is measured and storage IO activity is monitored, to provide an estimate of the time and bandwidth required for data replication and recommended data transfer method.

Background Replication (Network)
Data is read from the VDISK at the source and copied to the destination over the network.

Background Replication (Device)
If network performance is inadequate, data can be transferred from the source to the destination via physical media.

Foreground Replication
Data write operations take place while migration is under way and data is reconciled at the destination.

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