JetStream Disaster Recovery

JetStream Disaster Recovery enables enterprise-grade disaster recovery, business continuity and continuous data protection as a cloud-based service


The solution is designed specifically to empower cloud service providers to efficiently deliver data protection services to enterprise customers.


Data Protection

Continutous Data Protection

Continuous replication and Point-in-Time recovery.




Virtual Machine failover to a “warm cloud” environment.



disaster recovery

Full data recovery from cloud data stores, including VMware, NFS and Object Stores.

Key Features

  • Non disruptive continual data replication to the cloud for data protection

  • Virtual machine failover to a cloud-based virtual business continuity service

  • Virtual machine backup to cloud-based NFS stores and/or object stores

  • Policy-based availability for cost-efficient SLA management per recovery group

  • Extreme low-latency replication through non-volatile memory logging

  • Continuous Data Capture through IO Filters

With support for multiple cloud services and varying availability service levels, JetStream Data Protection assigns availability policies to groups of virtual machines – designating the data replication and availability requirements for each recovery group.

Advanced Technology

In VMware environments, JetStream Data Protection enables continuous data capture through the VMware vSphere APIs for IO Filtering (VAIO), ensuring compatibility with the entire VMware environment, including any type of on-premises hardware such as SAN, NAS, Virtual SAN or other hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI). Because it employs the VAIO framework for continuous data capture, the solution doesn’t require software agents in the virtual machines, doesn’t require a virtual appliance in the data path, and is a fully supported VMware Ready solution.


Through close integration with VMware vSphere, the JetStream Data Protection software is easily deployed and managed, both in the enterprise data center as well as the cloud infrastructure. At the same time, the simplicity and ease-of-adoption are complemented by powerful technical advantages, including:

  • Zero-RPO through continuous data capture and low-latency data replication
  • Minimal impact on application performance on premises
  • High scalability to support environments with thousands of virtual machines
  • Support for multiple, concurrent availability policies, assigned per recovery group
  • Replication to the recovery destination most appropriate for each policy, from a warm VMware environment for cloud failover to a low-cost object store backup
  • Crash-consistent connectivity to each recovery destination
  • Multiple recovery options: e.g., point-in-time (CDP) or whole group failover (DR)

Software Defined for Broad Compatibility

Because the JetStream Data Protection software is integrated with VMware vSphere through VMware APIs, it provides replication and recovery at the level of the virtual machine and virtual disk. As such, it can protect any type of application or data type, and is compatible with any VMware-compliant on-premises storage, compute and network infrastructure.


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