“Do one thing and do it well.” For decades, that philosophy has been a central tenet within the software development community, and it’s been applied to many areas within computing and beyond. It’s also a philosophy that applies to our newest software product, JetStream Migrate.


Cloud Migration is one of the biggest challenges facing enterprise IT today. It’s a multi-faceted problem, typically involving a broad scope of activities and contributors. With JetStream Migrate, we are introducing a new product to bring a new approach to a specific cloud migration challenge, for the cloud service provider, the enterprise cloud architect, and the professional services team.


Delivering Value on Its Own

While JetStream Migrate is a part of our broader JetStream Cross-Cloud Platform, our early cloud service provider partners showed us that even on their own, the solution’s migration capabilities would also provide great value in a number of use cases.

Because the JetStream Cross-Cloud Platform is designed from the ground up to provide data management across cloud data centers and services, the core data replication capability makes an excellent solution for enterprises moving from on-premises deployments to VMware-based cloud infrastructures offered by VMware Cloud Provider Partners and VMware Cloud on AWS.


Do One Thing, and Do It Really Well

Because cloud migration is a multi-faceted challenge, it’s no surprise to see it typically involve diverse teams and technologies. In that context there is one challenge that JetStream Migrate is focused on: facilitating live migration of virtualized workloads through simpler, more efficient data replication.

Specifically, data replication for cloud migration is fraught with difficulties. Some challenges, like limited network capabilities or large amounts of data, cannot be avoided. However, other challenges are at least partially attributable to the tools and technologies currently available.


The One Thing Can Be a Big Thing

By focusing specifically on data replication for VMware environments, we’ve enabled a simpler, more lightweight approach to VM migration. But we haven’t stopped there. Our cloud service provider partners showed us how data replication should ideally work:

  • Data can be transported on physical devices to the cloud, even with live migration.
  • Application performance can be maintained during data replication.
  • Data replication is fault-tolerant.
  • Project managers can accurately predict the time required for data replication and VM migration.
  • Data replication can be orchestrated, automated, and policy-based.

With requirements like those, it was clear to us that JetStream Migrate would be a powerful tool in its own right. At the same time, it is a complement to the other tools needed to plan and execute a successful cloud migration project. If you would like to have a conversation about how JetStream Migrate could add value to your cloud migration capabilities, just let us know.